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You have two options for purchasing you Talent Dynamics Test. Option 1 is Online using your credit card. Option 2 is through requesting an invoice and banking details.


Option 1: Buy with Credit Card Now

Purchase the Talent Dynamics Profile online with your credit card through PayPal. Once the payment is confirmed you will be immediately sent an email with your Token and a link to our website to complete your Profile and download your report.  The payment confirmation system may take up to 24 hours.   Note: PayPal will convert the R890 into the equivalent in UK pounds (£50) to complete the automated payment process.


Option 2: Pay via EFT

Enter your information into the form below and we will send you an invoice for payment through EFT (internet banking). Once payment is confirmed, we will send you a link to take your test online and download your personal Talent Dynamics Report.

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