The Talent Dynamics Profile Test provides powerful insights and practical actions when accompanied by a one-to-one debrief session with an accredited Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant.

The process is ideal for you if you are searching for your best fit at work, putting together a case for a promotion or job duties re-alignment at work, creating a team for a project, thinking about career choices, advancement, transition to self-employment, study or other change.

The Test and Debrief package includes: 

  1. The Talent Dynamics Profile Test
  2. The follow-up Profile Report
  3. A one-hour conversation with an accredited Talent Dynamics consultant either face-to-face, on the phone or via Skype.

This consultation will expand your understanding of the test results and guide you to take action which will help move you into flow in the workplace.

SA Talent Dynamics has in-house accredited Talent Dynamics Flow and Performance Consultants who provide this service as part of our Testing process.   After you have taken the test, we will contact you to set up a Debrief Consultation.