Insightful Talent Dynamics Testimonial – I, TEAM and Environment.

I have done a lot of self-reflection on who I am with regards to my talents and capabilities in the recent twelve months.  This assessment comes through at an appropriate time as I will be making a career and life change in the next six months.  Eighty percent of the assessment reinforces what I already know about myself.  It supports what I know are my strengths and my natural behaviours that make me comfortable and effective.  In parallel to this it also draws out what I also know as my “weaknesses”.  I don’t consider these as a negative as I’m keenly aware that “weaknesses” need to be overcome and it’s a matter of recognising them and finding ways to overcome them.  In most part I have “outsourced” my weaknesses to someone who has strengths in those areas.


The remaining twenty percent of the assessment raises things I don’t know about myself.  Possible talents that I may have but have not pursued for one reason or another.  It raises questions for myself and is possibly the little push I need to explore these new “strengths”.  It also raises possible weaknesses that I have not recognised for myself that might actually be showing up as blockages for me as I have not dealt with them.  This brings up an opportunity for me to look into these possible blockages and turn them around to work for me.


What I like about the Talent Dynamics assessment is that it focuses holistically on I, TEAM and ENVIRONMENT:

I – looks at who I am and how to BE my best

TEAM – looks at understanding who I am in relation to others in my team whether it is a natural team or people in my greater support network.  Also who do I “need” and “want” in MY team

ENVIRONMENT – introduces environments where I and TEAM will flourish


As a coach I can see benefits in making use of the Talent Dynamics assessment as an initial exploration tool with my clients.  Similar to what the assessment provided for myself, clients can where they choose to, make use of the assessment as a possible fast-track tool to understand their strengths and gaps and identify areas they would like to be coached in.


Having been involved in coaching small businesses, there is in most cases little room (and money) to make BIG mistakes.  One of the big challenges facing small businesses is who do I employ or who should I partner with.  Have you ever gotten into a situation of working with the wrong person, service providers, vendors or partners?  What frustrations and costs did that bring about for you?  Using the Talent Dynamics assessment tool you are able to get an understanding of yourself and the type of people you should seek out as employees, service providers, vendors and partners that will complement YOU! and avoid the frustrations down the line.  Supporting you to grow successful teams and relations that will develop your business into what you want it to be.