Living a LIfe of Flow


Webinar Series: Living a Life of Flow

Linden Booth, Executive and Team Performance Coach will be running a FREE webinar series on Flow. There will be four webinars every Wednesday evening starting on the 6th August, from 8 till 9pm.

In this webinar series he will share how to get your life into Flow – so that you can feel energized, enjoy what you are doing, and move into success.

This will be a very special webinar series with some great guest presenters so make sure you sign up now!

You are welcome to sign up even if you cannot make all four – join in on the ones you can.

Note: This is the first and only time this Webinar series will be Free – so make sure you sign up now!


Sign up here.

6th August – Understanding Flow – a life of energy and vitality

13th August – Getting into, and staying in, Flow.

20th August – Flow and Wellness

26th August – Flow at Work – Yes Please!