Testimonial from Sotheby’s Plettenberg Bay


“I would definitely recommend this process to anybody who wants to make successful changes and increase performance and success.  Identifying what is blocking flow is crucial to the team.  And the impacts are ongoing –  we received so much information and insight that we are still processing it and implementing changes as we go.


Creating a high performance team is more than just about roles and activities.  This work allows you to see your team differently and to learn to be more understanding and accepting, while prioritizing increased performance and results.  You learn how others perceive you and how you can change and grow.  There is a real shift in the team around supporting each other into flow, and this translates into high performance. 


It’s also a great opportunity to look at yourself and get some incredible personal growth.  The process and facilitation supports real honest evaluation and insight, and exploration of people’s perceptions and assumptions.  This is crucial to explore for a high performance team.


This is an Absolute YES – It is a real opportunity for growth, and leads to more success in the team, as well as giving team members an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”

Hein Pretorius

Broker Principal